3 Differences Between Coliwoo & Other Co-living Spaces

3 November 2022


3 Differences Between Coliwoo & Other Co-living Spaces

Co-living spaces have been around for a long time internationally, but a fairly new fixture in Singapore. However, as more young Singaporeans seek to move out from their parents’ houses into a rental apartment in Singapore, co-living spaces have become increasingly popular as a viable accommodation plan. What exactly are co-living spaces, then? Most people know them in the form of share houses as they’re commonly found around the world. However, there are actually other kinds of co-living spaces as well. In this article, we’ll introduce Coliwoo’s co-living spaces and how they’re different from your standard co-living space.

Full Apartment

Full rental apartment Singapore

In most co-living spaces, a single room represents all the private space that each resident will get, with most amenities like the kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom being shared with everyone else. This isn’t the case with Coliwoo’s apartment for rent in Singapore. Here, you’ll have access to a full apartment that is fully furnished, and more important, not just a room. You’ll have your own en-suite bathroom, kitchenette, and workstation — everything you need to truly call your space home. That being said, the co-living spirit is not lost on Coliwoo’s properties either; our co-living spaces feature tastefully decorated communal spaces where residents can hang out and interact with each other whilst still having sufficient privacy and space to go about their day.

Community Events

Rental apartment Singapore Community Events

Here at Coliwoo, what sets us apart from other co-living spaces is that we regularly host exciting community events across all properties to foster a sense of belonging amongst our residents. These events are a great way to celebrate festivities together, especially with residents who may be a long way from home; as well as an opportunity to share Singaporean culture and hospitality with our international residents. More than just get-togethers, our events vary, including our recently held Coliwoo x Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Night 2022, fitness, and even wine appreciation. Being a small country with limited land, we often have to find creative ways to utilise space, which is why we also have urban farming classes at our Coliwoo Boon Lay rental apartment in Singapore.

Member Benefits

Rental apartment Singapore Member Benefits

Beyond merely offering prospective residents a room for rent, we like to make them feel special and part of a unique community; that is why Coliwoo has partnered with a wide range of businesses so that residents can enjoy member benefits with them. These services range from storage solutions, to plants, photo taking, and of course, food and beverages, all of which help residents from all walks of life settle into their new surroundings and are therefore highly relevant. There are currently over 20 partners that residents can enjoy perks and special prices with, and we’re always looking to expand our repertoire of member benefits to improve our residents’ quality of life during their stay with us. 

Coliwoo is one of the largest co-living service operators in Singapore, with over 1,600 keys and more than 10 properties (and counting) islandwide. Stand to enjoy all these perks and more when you start your new chapter with us. Check out our website for more information