3 Benefits of Co-living Spaces for International Students

16 November 2022

3 Benefits of Co-living Spaces for International Students

One of the most pressing issues for anyone moving abroad is looking for the right accommodation; finding one isn’t difficult, but finding the one that suits you best is another challenge in itself. Moreover, if you’re an international student, you might find your options more limited as your purse strings might be tighter than usual. This is why co-livingcommunal living in Singapore is popular amongst international students, as these spaces are typically more affordable and encourages networking amongst fellow residents. However, there’s more to it than just cost-friendliness; here are some benefits international students can enjoy when they rent a room in Singapore with Coliwoo’s co-living properties.

More than Just a Bedroom

Communal living Singapore for International Students - cooking in the kitchen

Communal living in Singapore often paints a picture of spartan living with just a single room to your name and scarcely anything else; that also accounts for the typically lower rent. Here at Coliwoo, our rooms are more than just a bedroom — it comes with all the essentials you need. These amenities include an en-suite bathroom and your own ergonomic workstation; where most co-living spaces can feel claustrophobic and require residents to share a common bathroom, our residents are afforded that extra privacy for additional comfort and privacy. 

“I wanted to have my own space, i.e. my own room with an en-suite bathroom. I also wanted the room to be affordable and situated near my workplace.” — Daniel Muliaditan, PhD student & Coliwoo Boon Lay resident, Netherlands 

Excellent Locations

Co-living Spaces excellent locations for International students

As international students, your purpose in coming to Singapore is first and foremost to be in school, as well as your workplace if you’re also doing an internship. To that end, staying in a room for rent in Singapore that is either situated near those places, or near public transportation stations, would certainly make your life a lot easier. Here in land-scarce Singapore, it’s difficult to find accommodations that meet those conditions, and even when you do, they’re usually expensive. Located across different parts of the country, Coliwoo offers rooms that aren’t just situated near public transportation services; they’re also a stone’s throw away from entertainment and retail establishments; sometimes even directly above these outlets. If you’re looking for a place to eat, catch a show, shop, or unwind, you don’t have to look too far when you rent a room in Singapore with us.

Exciting Communal Amenities & Reliable Services

“Coliwoo offered everything that I needed: my own space, it is close to my workplace, as well as other amenities such as shopping malls and food places. Moreover, the price was lower than in central areas.” — Daniel Muliaditan, PhD student & Coliwoo Boon Lay resident, Netherlands 

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Exciting Communal Amenities & Reliable Services

When the stress level in school or at your workplace becomes too much to handle, as is often the case if you’re living on your own abroad which only adds to the stress, it’s time to kick back and take a load off. Besides retreating into your own room, you can also take advantage of the many communal amenities found in all Coliwoo rooms for rent in Singapore. From lounges to shared kitchens, to gyms, there are many ways you can destress after a long day. Another way to feel like you’re not alone in this is to interact with other residents. Every resident has a story to tell, and as you listen to theirs, it could be encouraging to know that there are still friends to be made and a support system you can lean on, however fleeting — it’s one of the joys of communal living in Singapore.

Another benefit that international students have with Coliwoo is the impeccable resident services that we offer. Living alone overseas can be a logistical headache that you probably don’t need, and here at Coliwoo, we take care of the essentials so you don’t have to worry about it; instead, your mind is freed to focus on what really matters — school and work. Additionally, our rooms come fully furnished, saving residents the hassle of having to shop and pay for their own furniture.

“I enjoy the facilities available such as the kitchen and the vending machines. I also commend the staff for their services, for example, when I had to replace my fridge.” — Daniel Muliaditan, PhD student & Coliwoo resident, Netherlands 

Make Coliwoo your home away from home as you venture into a brave new world. For more information about our properties and services, please visit our website.